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Greg Brown

Head Brewer, Thirty Six Brewlab & Smokehouse

The ethos of the Brewlab can be distilled into three pillars, 'Be Creative, Be Curious and Collaborate' and Greg exudes all these qualities.

His passion for craft beer and experimenting with new ingredients and methods is tangible in the wide range of excellent beers on offer and the emergence of superb new flavours and styles. Born in Melbourne, Greg has always loved craft beer and is fascinated by the processes involved. With a background in Tech Architecture Greg came to Singapore to follow his passion to marry his mastery of technology and methodology with the science and creativity of brewing.  
“I am super enthused about Craft Beer, and I want people to share my curiosity and take away a bit of the joy that it gives me. There’s nothing better than putting everything into a new beer. For each recipe I do loads of research into the different methods, ingredients and processes. Thirty Six gives us the opportunity to build on the community of curious brewing here in Singapore. People are realising it’s not just about lagers and ales, there's so much more to beer and there’s a whole creative process involved."

Neo Say Wee

Head Brewer, Lion Brewery Co

Champion brewer, Neo Say Wee joined Lion Brewery Co in 2018, with 17 years of brewing experience, deep rooted in both home-brewing and commercial brewing in Singapore. Neo has won a number of awards in various regional and international beer competitions and we think he knows absolutely everything there is to know about premium beer and the brewing process!

Neo is responsible for bringing cask conditioned Ale to Thirty Six - commonly known as Real Ale - the beer undergoes a natural carbonation in the cask, so, along with the pouring process from the 'Beer Engine' hand pump, the beer has a creamier, fuller mouthfeel. We also have Neo to thank for the use of Kveik yeast that we in the Brewlab- this dynamic Norwegian yeast that has been used in all the Lion Brewery Co seasonal beers, is creating superb beers and styles.


Executive Chef, Thirty Six Brewlab Smokehouse

XR is a master in the kitchen. He has an incredible ability to turn a dish into a showstopper with his tenacity and attention to detail. His experience in cooking started from a young age when his mother would smuggle him into work at her food stall, where he helped her source ingredients and prepare different chinese dishes. 

XR entered professional cooking when he was 19 and was immediately drawn to the momentum, the action and the heat of working in a kitchen and driven by the satisfaction of perfecting a difficult dish.

His experience in professional cooking has seen him set up and manage a number of large restaurants across Singapore and he even took Jamie Oliver out for Chicken Rice!


Chef, Thirty Six Brewlab & Smokehouse

Bursting with enthusiasm, Sam brings a huge amount of energy and creativity to the menu at Thirty Six Brewlab & Smokehouse.

Sam has been cooking for many years and has created his own style and nuances with open-flame grilling. He has an innate passion for cooking with fire and for incorporating local flavours, raw materials and ingredients in his dishes.

He uses local lychee wood to cook on and you’ll find some really interesting touches that run through the menu as well as his signature dishes such as the Umami Butter and the Burnt Cheesecake. 

Alex Gow

General Manager, Thirty Six Brewlab & Smokehouse

Alex's experience in the restaurant and drinks industry stretches back to stacking shelves in his uncle’s bar in Scotland, age 8! He has subsequently worked in restaurants and bars all over the world, as a barman, leading tastings and workshops, and managing multiple outlets.

As a musician he brings an unique and artistic flare to Thirty Six, having programmed live entertainment for various venues as well as beer and music festivals. Marrying this deep rooted interest and experience in f&b, with his love for craft beer is a very happy unity for Alex.


Supervisor, Thirty Six Brewlab & Smokehouse

Sue is a wonderfully friendly and happy member of the team. She has almost 20 years experience in working in restaurants, starting as a waitress in a bar. Her love of her job is driven by communicating and making friends with the customers. Sue revels in seeing regulars come back and making sure they have a great time. 

“I love learning about the different styles of beer, and I even made my own with Greg. I was surprised at how difficult the whole process is and how heavy hops are!"



You can't miss Regie with his wonderfully warm and cheeky smile. Regie's enthusiasm for food and craft beer is articulated in the excitement he shares when talking about the menu at Thirty Six. As a passionate craft beer lover, he makes it his mission to try all the beers and discuss the flavours and styles with the brewers.


Assistant Manager, Thirty Six Brewlab & Smokehouse

Clarissa, Assistant Manager of Thirty Six Brewlab & Smokehouse has 10 years experience of working in F&B, a master of organisation she helps to keep everything ticking over and everyone happy, not least with her big smile! 

“I love welcoming new guests and making sure they are happy with their experience. I really like trying all the new beers and learning about the different styles, my favourite is the Lunar beer, which is really refreshing - it goes really well with the Burrata and the Popcorn Chicken which are my favourite dishes!”


Assistant Manager, Thirty Six Brewlab & Smokehouse